Things You Can Accomplish During Quarantine
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Things You Can Accomplish During Quarantine

The days seem to blend together and it can be hard when you’re at home all the time to stick with a routine. The lack of direction can sometimes leave people wasting time, especially if the day is really stressful. You might be feeling right now that you get to the end of the day and haven’t really gotten anything since at all. Here’s some ideas for things you can accomplish during quarantine so you can feel more productive.

Things You Can Accomplish During Quarantine

If you feel like the days are blending together and you’re not being as productive as you should this list is for you. If you’re bored and looking for ideas this list is for you. And if you just feel like you want to do a little more this list will also be helpful.

Basically anyone who needs a little extra sense of accomplishment could check a few things off this list.

Chores to take care of during quarantine

  • Your regular spring cleaning
  • Clean out your car (it might stay clean for awhile)
  • Wash your windows (better for looking out)
  • Catch up on the laundry
  • Clean out the garage
  • Tidy the basement
  • Do yard work
  • Make a cleaning schedule
  • Wash your bedding including duvets
  • Wipe down all your baseboards
  • Do your filing

Things to declutter while at home during COVID-19

  • Your clothes
  • Kids’ clothes
  • The linen closet and extra blankets
  • Any storage rooms
  • The bathroom drawers
  • Your junk drawer
  • Kids’ toys
  • Kids’ bedrooms
  • Shoes and coats
  • Any other clutter hotspots
  • The pantry and fridge
  • Organize pictures
  • Tidy up your digital files

Parenting activities to do while at home during quarantine

  • Finish baby books or photo albums
  • Organize your photos including digital storage
  • Try a new recipe with the kids
  • Teach your child a new skill
  • Make some DIYs like homemade slime or play dough
  • Build physical activity together into your daily routine

Other ways to keep busy that will feel productive besides chores:

  • Do a puzzle
  • Play a game with your family or partner
  • Learn a new dance
  • Make a 5 year plan or bucket list
  • Loosely plan a future vacation
  • Work on your budget
  • Make homemade masks
  • Start a money making hobby business

This is also a great time to establish some routines that you’ve been putting off. It’s easier if you just stick to a couple then add in more that you want as you master the first ones.

For example, if you want to do one load of laundry per day build it into your routine. Once it’s happening regularly add in the next thing, like having an empty sink all day.

Hopefully these lists will help you make an attainable list of things you can accomplish during quarantine!

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