The Value in Homemaking
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The Value in Homemaking

There’s been many times in my life where I’ve wondered what I’m doing. It took me a long while to find my calling in homemaking. Now I want to share with everyone the value in homemaking – because it’s so much more than baking and laundry!

The Value in Homemaking

For a long time I really did feel like “just” a housewife. When careers dominate most conversations it’s easy to find myself feeling left out. I think it’s really important to see the value in what you’re doing. A sort of re frame on the old ideas of homemaking and housewives. Things weren’t exactly magical for women throughout history.

Hopefully after reading this you’ll see more value in what you do, if you don’t already. Or maybe you’d like to share this with your husband or family to show them that you’re so much more than “just” wife or mother.

The value in homemaking for the kids

There’s a lot of research out there saying mixed things about working and stay at home mothers. What they have found is that kids with SAHMs have less stress and often better grades.

For me, staying at home means I can get more time with my kids. I’m not always running around and can actually dedicate time to them. I get time with the little ones while the big kids are at school and I take care of work when the twins are in preschool.

There are many wonderful working parents who manage to meet all their kids’ needs while working. Usually those families don’t have 5 kids. I accept that by having so many children I can’t function the same way as other parents, and that’s OK.

The value in homemaking for my partner

My boyfriend and I are partners. Everything we do is shared and we plan to marry once we are able to. I’m completely confident that I’m making the right decision trusting him to help take care of my family.

He goes to work every day and then picks up extra work on the evenings and weekends. I get to make his life a lot easier by making sure things are taken care of for him. In turn, that enables him to earn more money and to be a better stepdad to my kids and partner to me. He already has a lot of worry so this allows me to take some off.

The value in homemaking for myself

I don’t just stay home for everyone else. Homemaking is my calling. I feel calm and at peace when I’m at home and I don’t want to be anywhere else most of the time. I love that I can earn a living working from home and still fulfil my role. Some women don’t need to work at all, that’s wonderful for them.

Homemaking is sincerely a blessing. I know there are many women who struggle with feeling stuck and trapped, so I think it’s important to really consider how fortunate someone is to be a homemaker.

Homemaking is a dying art

Since World War 2, women have really lost their place in the home. The trouble with this isn’t feminism, or equality, but that women still aren’t equal. So now many moms are working full time and doing more than their fair share of household responsibilities.

The number of stay at home mothers has been going down steadily pretty much since then. Even though some stay at home dads are taking their place, it’s not even close to one for one. That means overall there are much less families with a full time homemaker.

There are less and less people who value the work being done in the home. They don’t see that even though “chores” get completed one way or another (working vs homemaking) there are so many other emotional benefits.

We weren’t meant to rat race

Society is stressed out! I believe part of the reason for this is everyone trying to climb the career ladder and being over scheduled. Parents work all day then race around with their kids all night. No one gets time to just… Relax. Exist. No, we need a five thousand dollar vacation every two years just to unwind.

Having someone at home means the working partner is burdened with earning all the income, but they are the only one in the rat race. The homemaker takes care of most of the family needs so the working partner focuses on work. Then when they’re home together everyone can be a family.

This is true even as children grow older.

Homemaking is not for everyone

Although I would encourage everyone to consider full time homemaking, I know it’s not always possible or desired. Some people don’t want to make the financial, career, or personal scarifies, others simply cannot stay home.

If you want to be home but can’t I feel for you. Don’t give up hope on your dreams.

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