How to get MORE done every day
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How I plan to get MORE done every day

This is something I’m really struggling with lately. I want to get more done every day, but I also need to make sure I don’t burn out. Going hard and driving everyone crazy isn’t the answer. Ignoring my family to get more done sure isn’t the solution either. So what to do?

How I plan to get MORE done every day

I’ve been trying to figure out a solution to this problem. I know sometimes I’m not as efficient as I want to be. But I have so much work to do so I’m trying to figure out how on earth I’m going to balance all the things coming up. It’s a lot.

The kids are back to school in less than 2 weeks so that will help at least.

I’ve talked before about spending less time online. That is definitely something that I’m still working on because I find myself not being as effective as I can be, especially when up against computer work that I feel is boring.

Personal changes

So here’s what I’m looking at changing about myself to get more done every day. I kind of live by the rule that the only person you can control is you so that’s why this is first. If I don’t change myself I can’t expect anyone else to change either.

Having self discipline is hard. It’s something I really struggle with especially, like I said, when the work is dull.

Here’s how I plan to change:

  • Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals for work and housework
  • Establishing a daily routine that includes getting up and going to bed at specific times
  • Avoiding spending too much time online (besides work) including texting
  • Centering my life around my family more so they can motivate me to work
  • Taking breaks when I need them

Awhile ago I wrote about how being a SAHM is my calling and I truly believe that. I feel very called to be at home with my children and taking care of everyone. Part of that, though, does include working – we do need money for things. It’s important to find that balance between home and work so no one suffers.

Household changes

I need to set my “place of work” so to speak up for success! I know too many of us find ourselves a little bit behind on housework or without great organization. To be successful, though, I need my home to support my homemaking.

Here’s what I’m going to improve in my home:

  • Adding a large wall calendar so we can keep better organized
  • Make sure my office is clean and organized so it’s a nicer workspace
  • Keeping clutter at bay, including decluttering trouble spots around the house
  • Establishing a laundry routine so it doesn’t overwhelm me
  • Cleaning up the kitchen after dinner so I can start fresh every morning
  • Meal prep and make-ahead lunches and snacks, plus always having food ready to pack for the kids
  • Keeping clothes organized so getting dressed is easy

I’ve already been working on some of these changes. Over the summer, even with all the kids home and us being super out of routines, the house has managed to stay clean. This week I plan on cleaning the kids’ rooms with them as our start of “fall cleaning”.

Family changes

I can’t do everything alone and quite honestly too many women try to. My boyfriend and I have already been discussing how he fits into this equation. He’s pretty good but everyone has some things they need to work on. He’s really bad for leaving things in wrong places, which creates a lot of extra work for me.

My kids also need to help out a little bit more but I’m sure you know what that’s like.

Things I will be asking my family to change:

  • Posting a morning routine for the kids so they can remember and know exactly what they need to do before school so I don’t have to run around nagging
  • Giving the kids small chores to do around the house and having higher expectations of them as far as picking up after themselves is concerned
  • Asking my partner to be more courteous and pick up after himself

I know that most of the changes will still be me leading them but that doesn’t mean we can’t all make small adjustments to do our part.

If you’re trying to make changes like this to get more done every day these might be a great place for you to start. I’d love to hear your tips.

Drop a comment with how you get more done during the day.

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