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The secret to getting it all done from a mom of 5

Today someone left a comment on my blog accusing my of writing clickbaity content. Which is what inspired my click bait headline. Did it get your attention? Let me assure you that I’m not just going to plaster you with ads, I actually do have a secret to getting it all done. Or at least more done than you are now.

The secret to getting it all done with kids

I have, way too many times, been guilty of looking for tips and tricks on how to make my life better. You know – keep a clean house, eat better, cook, bake, and raise good kids. Moms have a lot of pressure and the to do lists seem never ending.

Everything I write on this blog comes from my heart and my own beliefs. It comes from how I am and how I want to be. Whether we have one kid or ten we’re all struggling.

What’s the secret to getting it all done then?

After almost 12 years of parenting and 5 kids including a set of twins I know the real secret to getting things done. The true way to connect with your kids and make sure your day goes smoothly.

The secret is get off the internet.

Probably not what you’re hoping for, right?

You can bail now, it will up my bounce rate and will get you off my blog. If that’s all you needed, I wish you well. I don’t write this blog to make money (although I hope I can be blessed with an income from my passion one day), I write it to offer perspectives and advice to others on what I believe in.

But really, instead of wasting time trying to see how to best organize your house on Pinterest or reading blog posts (ahh, like this one) about how to be better at life you can actually be doing the things you need to do.

I admit it, I can be a lazy mom sometimes. Sometimes I waste WAY too much time on the internet. I even sometimes sit down to work, which I do online, and end up replying to dumb Facebook comments or otherwise wasting my time.

A little perspective about online wasted time

If you have an iPhone just enabling screen time will tell you how much time you spend on your phone. Now, you probably have a million excuses here just like I do. I was texting my boyfriend, or chatting with mom friends, or working my business.

How many hours did you spend on social media this week? I’m embarrassed to post that apparently I spent almost 25 hours social networking in the past 7 days. Just on my phone. I have a laptop and a desktop too!

I’m guilty of opening Facebook when I have a few seconds of down time or replying to a comment. I’m also guilty of letting one minute turn into ten. Of course, some of that time was my phone screen not turning off right away but how far can I stretch that? Even half that time, 12.5 hours, is WAY too much.

If I spent 25 hours more on my home imagine how much nicer it would be. What if I spent 25 more hours with my kids? What could I teach them?

The internet sometimes makes me a bad mother

This isn’t the first time, or the last, that I’ve had to think about this stuff or step back from being online. Parenting is hard. It’s easy to get caught up in avoidance because you are tired and need to connect with someone else. Our world today is so isolated and we use social media as a way to reach out.

But it also means I’m not getting what I need to do done when I’m on there. We should look to mothers of the past to see how they managed. My grandmother wasn’t online checking out how to raise her kids, she was in the thick of it raising them! They had it harder than we did back then and we still seem to struggle more.

Being on the internet is making it harder to be a mother

Now I’m not saying never go online and don’t enjoy yourself. I’m saying that if you’re wanting to get it all done the first step is to unplug a little and actually do it. No excuse. No slacking. And absolutely no procrastination. I’ve done it and it works.

You might still not get everything done

I admit that part was a bit of clickbait, but you sure will be a lot closer. I’ll slip in my other secret here too: keep your expectations of yourself managed. You can’t actually do everything.

Part of being a good wife and mother is prioritizing your time effectively. That means sometimes you take shortcuts or let things go to focus on what’s most important. If the most important thing is playing with your kids today let the housework slide a little. Save the dusting for tomorrow. Buy a store bought cake. It doesn’t matter.

My point here isn’t that you will become an amazing superwomen if you stop wasting time on the internet, it’s that you will have more time to get what’s important to you done.

And if you do online, don’t be like the commenter on my other post.

Do everything from love. Consume content that makes you a better, happier person. If you don’t like something the internet is a big place, find something else.

Stay away from places and people that make you feel like you’re not doing a good enough job. You are already a good mom no matter what other people are doing.

As for me, I’m still feeling a bit upset. Time to unplug and distance myself from it. Besides, there’s housework to do.

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