Baby products worth splurging on

Baby products worth splurging on

Normally I advocate against spending money on this blog. Especially on new things. The baby and children’s product industry is worth over 300 billion and there’s messages everywhere bombarding us to buy this or that. So what do you need to buy? Here’s a list of baby products that are totally worth splurging on.

Baby products worth splurging on

With 5 kids I feel like I might know a thing or two about what you need. And what you don’t. Sometimes you just can’t cheap out on baby gear.

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Car seats

Although every car seat is going to meet basic safety ratings, this is something you’re going to be using a lot. Making sure the straps are easy to adjust or the seat can be moved between vehicles is essential. Spending more money can also save you in the long run if you pick up a convertible option. I personally opted for the Dionos when my twins were born – they’re 3 and still in them.


Although you can go medium-tier on these, it’s totally worth having a more expensive stroller IF you use it regularly. Easy folding and nice wheels will change your life. I wanted the City Select stroller, but settled on the Contours Options one because of its lower price tag.

Baby carriers

If you plan on babywearing you’re going to need to invest in a wrap or soft carrier. Never buy something hard, or that faces babies out, because that can cause hip dysplasia. Purchasing a high quality brand like Ergobaby or Tula might seem like a high cost early on, it’s worth it for both yours and baby’s overall comfort.

Formula makers

I’m probably going to get a lot of slack for this but for many people breastfeeding isn’t an option. Although it’s a luxury, if you have twins then the Baby Brezza will absolutely change your life. It mixes the formula in water and has it warmed to the perfect temperature, all in a minute or so. There are also baby bottles that you can separate the formula and water then mix together easily, which are great for travel.


Sometimes you just need need a break and swings will buy you, literally, some must needed peace and quiet. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a swing for it to be effective but for really fussy babies the Mamaroo swings mimic that bouncing motion that seems to soothe them.

Outside help

If you can afford it this might be just the thing that saves your sanity after baby is born, especially if you have older kids to look after. Consider having a teenger come a few times a week as a “mother’s helper”, hiring someone to grocery shop and food prep weekly, or just having a babysitter come by once and awhile to let you take a nap.

Having a baby doesn’t have to be very expensive and you could get away without buying almost anything, really. Always consider your family’s needs, budget, and safety when shopping for baby items.

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