Help your husband find a new job

How to help your husband find a new job

In a perfect world everyone would be working their dream jobs. Sadly, things aren’t like that – and sometimes, for whatever reason, we need to make a change. When you’re a stay at home mom or homemaker you can feel guilty being at home while your husband struggles but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your husband find a new job.

How to help your husband find a new job

Right now we’re going through this. I actually found my boyfriend his current job, which he isn’t fond of. We’re working on finding something that pays a letter better and has room for advancement. When he’s not happy at work I feel so bad! Especially because I’m so happy at home.

So what can you do at home to help? After all, you’re not the one who has to choose, go to interviews, and actually do the job. So sadly you can’t go and find him something. He has to decide himself.

That doesn’t mean you have to sit around and do nothing. One of the (many) jobs a housewife and homemaker has is supporting her husband. Here’s how you can help your husband find a new job.

Make sure he actually wants one

Is your husband really itching to change paths or are you nagging him for more money or flexibility? Consider if he’s happy and talk to him about it. Maybe there’s something else that can be changed at home. Career changes are a big disruption for everyone. Now, if he’s not pulling his weight career wise and expecting you to stay home (for example, if you’re not able to work and he is not able to pay all the bills) then you absolutely have a right to expect change.

Be supportive

This is the number one most important thing you can do when your husband is struggling with anything. If you want to help your husband find a new job you have to be a never ending supply of support.

How you can support your husband in his job hunt:

  • Let him know that you will support him no matter what job he chooses.
  • Remind him of his strengths and why he’s a good candidate.
  • Don’t complain about the potential changes to hours or lifestyle, tell him how you’ll be OK.
  • Make sure he has time in the evenings or weekends to dedicate to job searching.
  • Remind him that good things will come, even if it’s taking awhile.
  • Don’t nag or ask what’s taking so long.

Help him with his resume or cover letter

Even if you’re not an amazing writer, having a second pair of eyes on this stuff is a big help. Maybe you’ll think of something to include that he didn’t consider or catch a spelling mistake. Doing this together makes you both part of the team, rather than him feeling alone.

Keep an eye out for jobs

I send my boyfriend any jobs I spot that he might be interested. Most recently I found one posted on a sign not far from our house. The advantage of this is you can send him jobs that you want him to work – if he happens to like them it’s a win-win.

Give gentle reminders (without nagging)

If your husband is talking about a particular job he wants to apply for, check in later and see if he applied. If necessary, take care of the kids or other responsibilities and send him off to apply. A little incentive doesn’t hurt anyone either.

Help him get ready for interviews

Make sure his interview clothes are clean and pressed so he can look his best. He might even want some help picking out outfits. If necessary, go shopping together and help him choose some new clothes or shoes. Don’t forget to give him a lot of encouragement before and after!

Have you ever had to help your husband find a new job?

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