Little ways to serve your husband

25 Little Ways to Serve Your Husband

A lot of people think of servitude as a bad thing but really I’m talking about little acts of kindness here. What are some little ways to serve your husband that will make his life better? And what does that even mean?

Little Ways to Serve Your Husband

There’s a few different ways I can come at this one. First of all, a lot of people are religious, and there is something called biblical servitude that involves wives submitting to husbands. It sounds scary but it really just means respecting the man you married and doing things for him and in turn, he is meant to do things for you.

Everyone can benefit from a little bit more kindness in their lives, regardless of religion.

“Serving” your husband for a stay at home mom basically means the same thing – where she’s taking care of the things that make everyone’s lives better, including her husband. While he’s at work all day she works hard at home for her family. Likewise to families where that role is reversed.

This isn’t my first major relationship and my previous one ended in divorce. Although there are many reasons for its failure, I’m seeing that I wasn’t always the kindest I could be. I expected him to change first which clearly didn’t work. My new partner is so easy to love and it makes me want to do things for him. Either way, every relationship needs kind acts.

Here are some little ways you can serve your husband as a stay at home mom or wife:

Note: I wrote these from wife to husband but you could definitely do many of these for your wife too. 🙂

At home

  • Even if he should be picking up after himself, pick up something he forgot about without complaining.
  • Complete one of his chores.
  • Clean up his space, or create a space for him.
  • Have a tidy home when he gets home.
  • Replace any toiletries that need replacing like his toothbrush or razor.
  • Surprise him with his favourite meal or dessert.
  • Pick him up a small gift that will make his life better, like a new lamp or mug.

His clothing

  • If he doesn’t mind, clean his closet and organize it.
  • Iron his clothes for him.
  • Make sure the laundry is done and put away so he can find what he needs easily.
  • Create a space where he can lay out his work things in the morning to make things easier.
  • Buy him something new – bonus points if it’s something his wardrobe is missing.
  • Replace old socks and underwear.


  • Create time for him to spend with the kids or plan an outing for them.
  • Give him a break from the kids so he can do something he wants to do.
  • If he is close with his family, invite them over for a family meal, movie, or board game.
  • Help him stay organized and keep track of important things, like family birthdays, if he’s not great at remembering.

Other small acts of kindness for your husband

  • Hide love notes around the house.
  • Charge up his devices for him.
  • Clean out, wash, or detail his car.
  • Make sure his travel mug and lunch containers are cleaned daily.
  • Pack a lunch for him.
  • Plan a date for the two of you.
  • Do something together at home that he likes doing: eg. watching his favourite show.
  • Send him an unexpected love email or text.

If I’m honest, part of the reason I wanted to write this list was for myself. I need these reminders! It’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in the housework, kids, and work that I forget to remind my boyfriend how much I care about him.

I should also note here that you don’t have to do all these things all the time. Life is already exhausting enough! Most men don’t want to be married to a martyr anyway.

What are your little ways to serve your husband? Do you do little acts of kindness for your husband?

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