FREE Printable Christmas Prep Checklist

FREE Printable Christmas Prep Checklist

It’s never too early (or late) to start getting ready for Christmas in my opinion. But, if you really want to have a smooth and relaxing holiday, there’s some things that are better done in advance. That’s why I designed this FREE printable Christmas prep checklist!

It has all the basics you need to get done, and a rough timeline of when they can be completed. Print it out, hang it on your fridge or bulletin board, and relax this holiday season knowing you didn’t forget anything.

Download the FREE Printable Christmas Prep Checklist

If you want to download and use this checklist, click here for the PDF version. It prints at higher quality than the .jpg!

Hopefully this free printable Christmas prep checklist helps you feel more prepared for the holidays this year. I know with everything going on in the world it’s nice to have some sense of normal, even if it’s not quite what you’re used to.

I’d love to see where you hang yours, so don’t forget to tag @prairiemommylife in your Instagram posts!

FREE Printable Christmas Prep Checklist

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How I use the checklist

When I start getting ready for Christmas (usually in September or October), I print out my checklist. That way I can keep an eye on what needs to be done well in advance, like setting a budget, doing the Christmas card photos, etc.

In fact, I’m already looking for Christmas ideas and it’s still summertime!

I like having a printable checklist because it helps remind me of the things I always forget each year. Little stuff, like mailing my gifts on time, can sometimes creep up. With this list it’s clear what I need to prioritize each week!

Download the PDF version of the printable Christmas Prep Checklist here

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