10 Fun Ways to Play in the Snow
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10 Fun Ways to Play in the Snow

We’re always dealing with snow here in Manitoba! Here are some fun ways to play in the snow and keep the little ones outdoors during those not too cold winter days. The best part? They don’t take too much prep-work or involvement from you.

10 Fun Ways to Play in the Snow

Snow Spray-Painting

Grab some plastic spray bottles and fill with water. Add a few drops of food colouring to each one. Any colour will work but make one of each red, yellow, and blue for some colour mixing fun.


My kids love to shovel. Have them see how high they can build a tower or dig a hole, or grab some bucks of various sizes for them to fill and dump. Use kid sized snow shovels or your beach toys!

Snow Shapes

Have the kids make all kinds of shapes in the snow – snow angels, tracks, circles, elephants – whatever. Another easy way to make snow shapes is by pulling out the and toys and pressing the snow out that way.

Snow Maze/Path

Stomp out a maze or path for the kids to follow through the snow. You can have them make their own creations to show you, too. If you have a deck or can see your yard from a high window try and get a top down photo of the tracks.

Pull Out the Sled

Kids have fun pulling the sled around the yard and filling it with whatever they find. Or they can make a makeshift toboggan hill if you’ve been shoveling all year.

Make a Snow Fort

Kids of any ages will have fun building up snow walls and making a little snow fort or house. They can either make it entirely from scratch, or dig out a fort from a larger snow pile. This is a super fun activity that kids can do with their friends, too.

Examine Snowflakes

Get kids looking snowflakes to see all the different shapes they have. This would tie in great with homeschooling lesson or just for fun. If you have a magnifying glass that could be fun outside too.

Play Archaeologist

See what you can unearth under the snow. There’s probably a few forgotten toys under there. Who knows what they can find? If you don’t mind a little prep work, go hide some treasure for kids to find. You could even make a treasure map!

Look For Tracks

Seek out animal tracks in your yard. Try and guess what made them. Once you’re done that, kids can try making their own tracks. Compare your different shoes and shoe sizes. Or let them use their fingers (or sticks) to replicate animal tracks.

Build a Snowman

It wouldn’t be winter without building a snowman! Make sure you have all the accessories on hand so that you can finish your new snow pal off properly. Hopefully the kids will have fun playing with him before he melts away.

Playing out in the snow can be a whole lot of fun! Instead of fighting winter, embrace it by planning fun ways to play in the snow this winter.

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